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InnerDiscoveries is a Transformational Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Integrative Health practice devoted to helping motivated individuals explore and manifest their fullest potential.  We do so from a heart-centered spiritually-aware perspective, with a strong emphasis on balance, personal performance and well-being, while respecting the perspective, stage in life, freedom, and honest expression of each client.

Understanding that facilitated self-improvement is a truly intimate process, we are whole-heartedly committed to providing our clientele with the highest degree of confidentiality, while providing a safe open forum of personal expression - devoid of judgment – while always focused on reaching and maintaining the highest level of trust attainable.  

InnerDiscoveries has a worldwide presence, and much of our work tends to be done remotely with our clients. However, for those in need of hands-on services, or choosing to have face-to-face sessions, we have offices in the heart of beautiful mountainous Cave Creek, Arizona. We look forward to being of service.

InnerDiscoveries was given birth in 2004, having incubated in the mind of its founder for nearly 14 years.  Being a self-proclaimed self-help junky, Andrew Zaplitny was finally inspired to bring his coaching skills and insights to the forefront of his professional life after 6 divine interventions that spanned over a 3 month period beginning in late 2003.
Having been steered in the direction of coaching from 6 distinctly different and disassociated sources (a combination of family, friends, associates, strangers and intuition), the message rang too loud to ignore.  Finding his primary calling in Transformational Life Coaching, Andrew resonated with the heart-centered and spiritually-aware approach used to evoke the inner wisdom of his clientele.  After mating this technique with Hypnotherapy, its myriad of therapeutic approaches, and the Bio-Informational work of The Reconnection  & Reconnective Healing, the stage was set for the transformational therapies he delivers today.
In partnership with his wife, Laura M. Zaplitny (a truly gifted and sought-after practitioner), InnerDiscoveries is able to offer the Bio-energetic modalities of Polarity and Cranial-Sacral Therapies in addition to Thai Massage and Shiatsu as powerful compliments to the practice.


Future Goals
The promise of the future is boundless! 
Since our growth is intended to be pursued in a phased approach, the growth of the practice is expected to be nurtured by the addition of complimentary practitioners and key professional relationships for complimentary therapeutic support. 

Beyond this, we will be offering a product line consistent with our highest ideals, curiosity and image, including audio visual offerings for self-improvement and exploration.  And, business partnership arrangements could be entertained with like minded parties.
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